The Best Air Gun Targets

Cole Speed
16 min readApr 5, 2024



Welcome to our latest article, where we bring you an in-depth look at the top-rated air gun targets on the market. Are you a beginner looking to sharpen your shooting skills, or an experienced marksman looking to take your game to the next level? We’ve got you covered! Read on to discover the perfect air gun target for your needs and experience, and experience the thrill of accurate and enjoyable target practice.

The Top 10 Best Air Gun Targets

  1. Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target: Elevate Your Shooting Skills — Experience ultimate precision and fun with the KYL Know Your Limits Target, designed for 22lr rimfire and airgun shooting enthusiasts, featuring durable AR500 steel paddles, spinner design, and a comprehensive training experience for all skill levels.
  2. Bench Rest Shooting Targets — Pack of 100 — Precision practice and competition-ready targets with heavy paper, offering 100 pieces in a pack.
  3. High-Quality AR500 Steel Targets for Rugged Shooting — AR500 steel targets ideal for 308 and 5.56 rounds, durable and versatile for long-range and close-range shooting, available in various sizes and styles, perfect for USPSA Targets enthusiasts and military/law enforcement training.
  4. Action Target B27E Pro Shaded Scoring Rings — Practical Zeroing Range — Brighten your target range with the Action Target B27E Pros 100Pk, featuring silhouette cutting off at ring 7 and a unique shaded scoring system.
  5. High-Contrast Sight-In Adhesive Shooting Targets — A brightly colored, high-contrasting sight-in adhesive shooting target that enhances your shooting experience, with a patented “Stick & Splatter” technology for easy usage and a full refund policy for dissatisfaction!
  6. Durable AR500 Hardened Steel 10" Coffin Target with Versatile Hanging Solutions — The Caldwell AR500 10" Coffin Target offers durability, versatility, and style, making it the ultimate target for all your shooting needs.
  7. 5 Bull’s-Eye Orangish Paper Targets for Air Gun Shooting — Enhance your shooting range experience with the Action Target Org Center 5 Blseye 100pk Targets — featuring bright orange centers and 5 bull’s-eyes per target, perfect for practice and competitions.
  8. Premium Handgun Target for All Weapon Types — The Truglo Tru See Handgun Target 6 is a versatile, high-visibility option suitable for all weapon types, with a self-adhesive backing for easy placement and durable construction for extended target life.
  9. Professional AR500 Steel Targets for Shooting with Dragons — Experience instant feedback and accurate shooting with Dragon Targets’ high-quality, custom formulated AR500 steel targets, made in the USA for both air guns and firearms enthusiasts.
  10. Jack Pyke Spinner Target: Durable 5-Target Air Gun Target with Reset Feature — Experience ultimate precision and thrill with the Jack Pyke Spinner Target — a robust, resettable 5-target set made from black steel, perfect for air gun enthusiasts!

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Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target: Elevate Your Shooting Skills


I recently tried out the KYL Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target and had quite an experience. The first thing that struck me was the impressive quality of the materials and construction. The paddles, ranging from 1/4" to 2", are strong and sturdy, capable of handling all rimfire ammo without any issues.

One of the highlights was the variety of targets it offered, catering to shooters of all skill levels. The spinning design of the paddles added an element of fun and challenge, making each shooting session more enjoyable. The KYL target system is not only great for recreational shooting but also for serious training, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their skills.

However, the size of the target may not be ideal for everyone. While it works well for indoor ranges and backyards, it might be overwhelming for some shooters, especially beginners. Additionally, the weight of the paddles could make it a bit difficult to store or transport, which might be a concern for some users.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the KYL Know Your Limits 22lr Rimfire Airgun NRL Target is a high-quality, durable, and fun target system that can greatly enhance your shooting experience. With a wide range of paddle sizes, long-lasting construction, and an element of challenge in every shot, this target is definitely worth considering for your next shooting session.

Bench Rest Shooting Targets — Pack of 100


I’ve been using the National Target International Bench Rest Shooter’s Target IBS 100 Yard Hunter Rifle Paper Pack of 100 for quite some time now, and I must say it has made a huge difference in my shooting experience. The heavy paper targets are perfect for both practice and competitions, and their durability really stands out. The white center “X” ring has excellent visibility, making it easier to spot impact holes even from a distance.

One of the coolest things about these targets is that they are not just great for benchrest shooting, but also for load development, handgun transition training, and even accuracy testing. In my club’s monthly matches, these targets have proven to be the best option, and I’m happy to see that they are easy to score, too.

The price is also very fair, and you get 100 targets in a pack — fantastic value for money. Overall, I highly recommend these targets to anyone looking to improve their shooting skills or start a hunting class practice. They are the best choice for a universal target that suits various shooting disciplines.

High-Quality AR500 Steel Targets for Rugged Shooting


In my daily life, I was on the lookout for a reliable and durable target for my shooting practice. That’s when I came across the AR500 Steel Targets from USA Steel. The moment I unboxed the targets, I was impressed by the build quality — the targets seemed tough and rugged.

One of the key features that stood out to me was their ability to withstand the impact of high-caliber rounds like 308 and 5.56. This was a game-changer for me, as I was always struggling to find a target that could handle the heavy recoil of my rifle.

Another aspect I appreciated was the variety of sizes and styles available. Whether it was steel gongs, hanging targets, knock-down targets, or plate targets, the options were endless. The steel target kit I received came with everything I needed to set up and start shooting, making it quite convenient.

However, there were a couple of things that could have been improved. Despite the sturdy construction, the targets sometimes moved while shooting. A more stable base would have made a difference. Additionally, while the targets were well-suited for my needs, some shooters might prefer a thicker AR500 steel for additional durability.

Overall, I had a great experience using the AR500 Steel Targets from USA Steel. They provided a stable and reliable target for my shooting practices, and the variety of styles and sizes made them suitable for any shooter. While there were a few minor shortcomings, the benefits far outweighed them, making these targets a worthwhile investment for any shooting enthusiast.

Action Target B27E Pro Shaded Scoring Rings — Practical Zeroing Range


In my recent experience, I purchased a pack of 100 Action Target B27E Pros targets. The shaded scoring rings starting outside and going dark to light with a bright orange center made it easier for me to aim and hit the target. The silhouette cut off below the ring 7 was a nice touch, as it helped me focus on the critical areas of the target.

One positive aspect of these targets is their reasonable price. The pack of 100 targets allowed me to take them to the range without spending extra money on separate ones. The full-size man target with a color scheme around the center kill zone was also an added bonus, as it helped me practice in various scenarios.

However, a downside I faced was the material’s thickness. It could have been more substantial to ensure durability during use. Nonetheless, despite being somewhat thin, the Action Target B27E Pros targets proved to be an excellent value for the price. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend them to others looking for affordable, quality targets for their range activity.

High-Contrast Sight-In Adhesive Shooting Targets


I recently had the opportunity to use the Splatterburst Targets in my weekend target practice sessions and I must say, they exceeded my expectations! Firstly, the high-strength adhesive is a game changer. It clings to any surface and stays put, no need to worry about it falling off mid-session.

The bright yellow color of the bullet holes against the dark background made it easy to see my shots at a distance. I loved how the 1” grids made sighting in a breeze, and the bullseye replacement made the experience seamless. It’s no surprise these targets are bright enough to be visible without binoculars or a spotting scope.

The versatility of these targets is impressive, suitable for all firearms and calibers, be it indoor or outdoor, short or long range. They’re perfect for target practice, shooting competitions, self-defense, and concealed carry training. The bright yellow bullet holes are easily noticeable in all light conditions, making them ideal for people with reduced vision.

Though the product description mentioned a self-adhesive backing, I found it more convenient to use masking tape. The splatterburst makes it clear where your bullet entered the target, allowing for immediate aim adjustment if needed.

Overall, these targets are a must-have for any shooting enthusiast. They’re easy to use, offer clear visibility, and provide instant feedback on your shots. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ve got the option for a full refund, no questions asked.

Durable AR500 Hardened Steel 10" Coffin Target with Versatile Hanging Solutions


The Caldwell AR500 10" Coffin Target has been a reliable option in my arsenal for competitive shooting and casual practice sessions. The AR500 hardened steel construction ensures durability, allowing this target to withstand numerous rounds without showing any signs of wear.

One of the main highlights of this target is its bright yellow color, which makes it easy to spot even from a distance. This feature significantly improves visibility during shooting sessions, eliminating the need for squinting or straining my eyes to see my shots.

The versatile mounting options are another standout feature of the Caldwell AR500 10" Coffin Target. I particularly appreciate the three hanging solutions available, which provide flexibility for different shooting scenarios. I have used this target on various occasions and found it easy to install, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced shooters.

While this target is relatively lightweight, it is sturdy enough to handle intense shooting sessions without any issues. The coffin shape adds a unique touch to the design, setting it apart from traditional targets.

Overall, I highly recommend the Caldwell AR500 10" Coffin Target for competitive shooters, training enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enhance their shooting experience. Its combination of durability, visibility, and versatility makes it a top choice in the market.

5 Bull’s-Eye Orangish Paper Targets for Air Gun Shooting


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Action Target Org Center 5 Bull’s-Eye 100pk and let me tell you, it exceeded my expectations. As a shooter, I appreciate the bright orange center that makes it easy to spot and the five distinct Bull’s-Eye targets per sheet, which provides ample space to practice my aim. The quality paper made it a durable choice for frequent use and the variety of colors available made it stand out from other targets on the market.

Although some users might find the price a bit steep, I think the value in this product speaks for itself. Overall, I highly recommend the Action Target Org Center 5 Bull’s-Eye 100pk for anyone looking to elevate their target shooting experience.

Premium Handgun Target for All Weapon Types


Recently, I tried out some Truglo Tru See Handgun Targets while I was out at the shooting range. I was really impressed by how easy it was to see the point of impact, thanks to the point-of-impact visibility being enhanced by a fluorescent green or pink halo. The flat finish and fluorescent background made it easy to see the targets downrange, which is essential when you’re trying to improve your aim.

What stood out to me the most was the peel-and-stick self-adhesive backing, which made it super simple to place the targets on any backstop. And, as a bonus, it also includes self-adhesive replacement dots and has heavy stock paper construction, which helps to extend the target life.

Overall, these targets are great for all types of weapons and are perfect for anyone looking to improve their aim at the shooting range.

Professional AR500 Steel Targets for Shooting with Dragons


I’ve had the pleasure of using Dragon Targets’ AR500 Steel Targets for a few months now, and I have to say, they’re a real game-changer when it comes to my shooting practice. The thickness of these targets makes them durable and reliable, and the ability to use them with a variety of firearms is a major plus. The custom paint job on the gong is a great feature that helps eliminate glare and maximize visibility during my shooting sessions.

However, there’s one aspect of these targets that’s left me slightly frustrated: the lack of included carriage bolts for hanging the target. It’s a small inconvenience that I had to overcome, but it’s still a downside worth mentioning. Overall, Dragon Targets’ AR500 Steel Targets are a great addition to any shooting range or practice setup, and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to improve their skills.

Jack Pyke Spinner Target: Durable 5-Target Air Gun Target with Reset Feature


The Jack Pyke Spinner Target has been a fantastic addition to my backyard shooting range. With its 5 resettable targets designed to withstand pellet impacts, I’ve had hours of fun testing my accuracy at 30 yards. The thick steel build and powder-coated finish not only add durability but also prevent rust and wear over time.

One of my favorite features of this target is the ease of resetting, made possible by shooting the reset disc instead of manually adjusting it. This small detail has made all the difference in my overall shooting experience. However, I did find that setting it up initially required a bit of fiddling to get the targets evenly spaced.

Overall, the Jack Pyke Spinner Target is an excellent investment for anyone looking to add some excitement and fun to their backyard or indoor shooting range. While it may not be perfect, the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a worthwhile purchase in my book.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right air gun target is crucial for enhancing your shooting experience. This buyer’s guide provides essential information to help you make an informed decision about air gun targets.


Important Features of Air Gun Targets

When selecting an air gun target, consider the following features to ensure you are getting the best value for your money:

  1. Material: Targets are typically made from materials such as paper, plastic, foam, or metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, paper targets are inexpensive but may not withstand several shots, while metal targets are durable but can be expensive.

Size of the Air Gun Target

The size of the target is another crucial factor to consider. Smaller targets require greater skill and accuracy, while larger ones are more forgiving. Consider your shooting skill level and the distance from which you’ll be shooting when choosing the size of your target. Larger targets are better for beginners, while smaller ones are ideal for experienced shooters.


Type of Air Gun Target

Air gun targets come in various types, including pop-up, spinning, and electronic targets. Pop-up targets are the most common type and are available in different sizes and materials. Spinning targets provide feedback about the accuracy and velocity of the shot, making them ideal for training purposes. Electronic targets, on the other hand, offer advanced features such as adjustable sensitivity, multiple difficulty levels, and wireless connectivity.

Price Range of Air Gun Targets

Air gun targets come in different price ranges, depending on the materials and features used. Inexpensive targets made from paper or plastic are suitable for beginners or casual shooters, while more advanced targets with electronic features can be quite expensive. Consider your budget and shooting needs when selecting a target.



What are air gun targets?

Air gun targets are designed for use with air guns such as pellets, BBs, or arrows. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to cater to different shooting needs. These targets are usually designed to be durable and withstand multiple shots without being destroyed, offering a convenient and long-lasting solution for practicing and improving one’s shooting skills.

Some common types of air gun targets include paper targets, foam targets, and steel targets. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on factors such as the shooting range, the type of air gun being used, and the level of proficiency of the shooter. For instance, paper targets offer easy visibility of hits and misses, foam targets are durable and suitable for close-range shooting, and steel targets are ideal for long-range shooting and offer a challenge for experienced shooters.


What materials are air gun targets made of?

Air gun targets are typically made of materials that provide durability and withstand multiple shots without degrading. The most common materials include paper, foam, and steel. Paper targets are usually made from high-quality paper that can hold up to several hundred shots before disintegrating. They are affordable but may not be ideal for long-range shots or for those using powerful air guns.

Foam targets are made of high-density foam that can withstand hundreds of shots. They are suitable for close-range shooting and come in various shapes and sizes. Foam targets are durable and offer a solid construction for those looking for a long-lasting solution. However, they may not be ideal for long-range shooting or high-velocity air guns.

What are the advantages of using steel air gun targets?

Steel air gun targets offer several advantages over other materials. They are suitable for long-range shooting and can withstand multiple shots from high-velocity air guns. Steel targets provide a high level of durability and can last for hundreds of shots before needing replacement. The sound of a bullet hitting a steel target is distinct and audible, making it easier for shooters to evaluate their performance.

Furthermore, steel targets provide a challenge for experienced shooters who want to improve their accuracy and precision. The sound of a hit or miss can be used as a feedback mechanism, helping shooters identify areas where they need to focus their practice. Overall, steel targets are ideal for those looking for a high-performance, long-lasting, and challenging solution for their air gun shooting practices.


How do I choose the right air gun target?

Choosing the right air gun target depends on several factors. These include the type of air gun you’re using, the shooting range, your level of proficiency, and your budget. For instance, if you’re looking to improve your long-range shooting, steel targets would be a good choice. However, if you’re just starting out and need an affordable option, paper targets would be a decent choice.

Another factor to consider is the size and shape of the target. Smaller targets are more challenging, while larger targets are easier for beginners. Lastly, consider the material of the target. Foam targets are ideal for close-range shooting, while paper targets and steel targets work well for long-range shooting. By considering these factors, you can choose an air gun target that meets your specific needs and helps you improve your shooting skills.

What are the safety considerations when using air gun targets?

When using air gun targets, safety is paramount. Always wear appropriate safety gear such as ear protection, eyewear, and a face mask. Ensure that the shooting range is clear of people, animals, and objects that could be damaged by stray shots. Keep the air gun in good working condition and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

Before starting your shooting practice, ensure that the target is properly placed and secured, and that it is positioned at a safe distance from the shooter. Avoid aiming at or shooting at any person or animal, and never shoot at a moving object. Always be mindful of your surroundings and ensure that your shots are accurately aimed to prevent accidents and injuries. By following these safety guidelines, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

What is the lifespan of air gun targets?

The lifespan of air gun targets depends on the material used and the number of shots it can withstand. For instance, paper targets can hold up to several hundred shots before disintegrating, while foam targets can last for hundreds of shots. Steel targets are the most durable and can last for thousands of shots before needing replacement.

However, the lifespan of any air gun target can be extended by proper care and maintenance. This includes ensuring that the target is stored in a dry and clean environment when not in use, and avoiding exposure to harsh weather conditions. By taking good care of your air gun target, you can ensure that it lasts as long as possible and provides a reliable solution for your shooting practice.